Legality, Transparency and Control represent the basic ethical values on which Master Italia S.p.a. bases its Ethical Code. Recognizing, sharing and accepting those values is paramount, not only to guarantee the correct functioning of the company internal dynamics, but also in order to keep a plausible and steady business reputation.

Observing ethical business behaviour , means, for Master Italia S.p.a., working by  respecting the values of freedom, human dignity and respect to diversity and rejecting every type of discrimination based on gender, race, language, culture, religion and political belief.

Thus, Master Italia S.p.a. supports respect, justice and cooperation within the working environment between the employees and partners so as to create a functional participation and collaboration between the various parts in order to reach the preset business targets in common.



Master Italia S.p.a. stands on the side of the environment and sustainability. Protecting the environment and finding the right balance between sustainability and business, means guaranteeing a better life for us and the up and coming generations.

For this reason, the active contribute of Master Italia S.p.a. for the promotion of responsible forest management results in the FSC® trademark. The ATLANTIS 2015 catalogue is FSC® certified. This trademark guarantees that the wood used for the FSC®-certified products comes from woods which are properly and responsibly managed in accordance with the strict environmental, social and economically solid standards, approved by the Forest Stewardship Council®.


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