AEO certification has increased the advantages of doing business with Atlantis. Together with many certificates on codes of practice and quality, Atlantis has obtained the very important AEO certification.

Thanks to the customs certification program termed “Authorized Economic Operator” (“AEO”) your ATLANTIS partner enjoys limited customs controls at the borders of Italy, European Union, the United States, Japan and also, in the short-to-medium term, China.

This will mean faster shipments and, therefore, cost reductions that will benefit your customers. Moreover, easier access to local customs clearance procedure enables “in-house” clearance to be performed directly within the company.

ATLANTIS’S customers, therefore, are doubly fortunate in having chosen ATLANTIS as their preferred partner; a partner that guarantees innovation, service and the constant development of YOUR business.

ATLANTIS Team stays at your disposal.

AEO Certification, shipping

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