MASTER ITALIA has achieved an important result – SA8000 certification. What does this mean?
SA8000 certification guarantees the certified company’s Social Responsibility. MASTER ITALIA has therefore demonstrated that in all its activities it has achieved excellence as regards ethics and respect for its employees.

For MASTER ITALIA, SA8000 CERTIFICATION represents an active response to consumers’ and stakeholders’ growing expectations for top standards in SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. Standards with which MASTER ITALIA fully complies and is committed to improving even further in the future, convinced that a healthy company produces better products.

Precisely because of this, MASTER ITALIA is also a B member of SEDEX, a non-profit organisation promoting and supporting ethical and responsible commercial practices. This choice indicates a goal – to be leader in a sector as complex and important as corporate SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

To achieve this, MASTER ITALIA promotes constant exchange among its staff and with its commercial partners with the aim of establishing a dialogue able to stimulate growth and improvement. MASTER ITALIA has therefore chosen to give added value to its products by guaranteeing they are conceived, constructed and sold in an environment which attributes maximum importance to its employees. In a context of success and global quality, MASTER ITALIA once again shows itself to be a leader in its sector!

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