The business ethics, quality, safety and sustainability of its own products and actions represent for Master Italia S.p.a. necessary values. This is why Master Italia S.p.a. has started various certifying processes linked to the product ethics and quality.

The standard SA8000 as well as the online platform SEDEX meet the need to highlight and communicate the company values in terms of Social Responsibility on which Master Italia S.p.a. bases its every single action. Its purpose is the constant improvement of working conditions within the respect of human and employees’ rights by arranging an internal policy for the Social Responsibility.

Ethics and Products go hand in hand at the same pace: an ethical and responsible business policy means that the business enterprise has to create a safe and sustainable product. The real task of Master Italia S.p.a. towards the quality and safety of materials, results in the quality and safety trademarks BY YOUR SIDE (in accordance with the REACH (EC) regulations no. 1907/2006) and OEKO-TEX. By processing its materials through laboratory controls, Master Italia S.p.a. guarantees their quality, safety and sustainability.

SA 8000

Master Italia S.p.A. introduces itself on the market with transparency and reliability by means of the SA (Social Accountability) certification 8000, which is the first international standard for the certification of the ethical and social commitment of companies.

Master Italia S.p.A. decided to proceed voluntarily towards the SA 8000 certification both for the will to demonstrate and to have acknowledged from the outside the correctness and the moral quality of its work, and in the view of being different compared to the competition.

In particular, Master Italia S.p.A.is committed to have its management system comply with all the social requirements as provided by the regulation SA8000, that is:

  • Child labour
  • Forced labour
  • Health and safety
  • freedom of association and the right of collective negotiation
  • discrimination
  • disciplinary procedures
  • Working hours
  • Salary
  • Management system

Master Italia S.p.A. cares to raise awareness of all its suppliers on the main principles of the regulation SA8000.


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