drawing inspiration from the country’s colours. Our new “SOUVENIR CAPS” are here. BEACH, SEA and above all TURQUOISE. SOUVENIRS never go out of fashion. In fact they are becoming increasingly popular as a way of recalling a place or country visited on holiday. In collaboration with our distributor for Greece, ATLANTIS has designed and produced a new series of SOUVENIR caps for some of the most famous Greek islands, including Corfu, Crete, Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes. The new caps stand out for their white and turquoise design with various shades of light and dark blue evoking the beauty of Greece.

ATLANTIS Graphic Software

The magic of innovative graphic software, technology to multiply creativity and open the way for products with a choice of colours and styles. Thanks to the experience of our graphic designers and starting from a simple photograph of a winter beanie, you can create an infinite variety of colours, for entire ad hoc collections. Our Atlantis Graphic Software creates perfect renderings, set in a virtual reality able to represent the end product perfectly. You really can create a jacquard beanie and present it as though it were real!


Studying trends as well as looking for special customization techniques are the strengths of ATLANTIS. Accessories that bring back to mind the VIDEOGAMES world are really trending right now That is why the so called “PIXEL EMBROIDERY” is a highly requested customization technique that confers to a simple logo producing an extraordinary result.


The ATLANTIS DEMO CAP has been completely renewed! This special cap reveals a lot of customization techniques, starting from the simple flat embroidery to the most complicated patches, and new ones have been added. Why is the ATLANTIS DEMO CAP so special? Because, by displaying the most part of possible customization techniques, this cap is the perfect technical tool by means of which you can easily explain and show all what you can do in terms of Customization.

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